Blue Water Shipping opens new office

From left: Founder and Managing Director Kurt Skov, Director Niels Tolstrup, General Manager Lars Tue Toftild & Project Manager Bent Lange

Blue Water Shipping opens a new Danish office in Rodby on the island of Lolland primarily due to activities in connection with the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link between Denmark and Germany.

Blue Water Shipping opens its 14th Danish office. This time, Blue Water Shipping establishes an office with primary focus on transport and logistics solutions for port related activities and project transports.

It is the intention that the office in Rodby shall ensure roots in the local community on Lolland-Falster as well as create cooperation related to e.g. the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link and additional, large construction work which is in the pipeline in this area.


Blue Water Shipping has participated in countless, large, national and international projects of similar nature, projects through which the company has built a unique specialist expertise and established sound national and international networks necessary to solve complicated and complex logistics assignments.


-    "We estimate that our expertise within this type of transport and logistics assignments will contribute in a positive way to the local and regional development on and around Lolland. The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is a monumental infrastructure project with a significant number of direct and derived activities which will have a massive impact on local and national business", says Kurt Skov, Managing Director of Blue Water Shipping.


The office in Rodby will be affiliated to the company's office in Copenhagen. The Rodby office will be managed by Lars Tue Toftild, General Manager of Blue Water Shipping Copenhagen, and staffed in accordance with the increase in activities. In addition to the focus areas of port agency and project transports, the office will offer its clients the entire array of transport products provided by Blue Water Shipping.


Simultaneously, Blue Water Shipping is a founding partner of a new consortium "Femern Belt Services A/S". This consortium is also part of the newly established network "FB Suppliers" which has as its objective to deliver services and products to contractors, suppliers and other operators involved in the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link construction.

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Published on 22.02.12

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